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The Pro-Awl

The Pro-Awl - a useful backstitch sewing tool

The Pro-Awl is the indispensable tool:

- In the house
- for hobby and spare time
- for handicraft and farming
- as a present for handymen etc.

For hobbyists and professionals

Original Pro-Awl Set 2

Original Pro-Awl Set 2

The Pro-Awl is completely made of durable rustproof metal. That is especially important for sailors for example.
Long-lasting needles, various times proofed. These kind is also used in high-performance sewing machines.
Best thread, especially developed for stable seams.
Additional sets at a favorable price, including further needles for special treats (for example bent needle for upholstery repairs).

Repair things by yourself easily, quickly and durably:

Shoes, tents, tarps, sails, bags, upholstery, rucksacks, riding and hunting utensils, umbrellas, gloves, schoolbags, sacks, cabriolet hoods, canvas and many things more...

Save your time and money

In the future, you will be able to do all necessary repairs directly at that place where they are needed. You will save time, money and effort for not having to go to the saddler, tailor, shoemaker.

Practical & compact

This practical tool is easy to store and to transport. All parts of the basic equipment fit in the hollow handle. You can use all kind of threads.

Easy handling

The Pro-Awl is easy to handle. An multi-lingual operating instruction is included. With some practice you will be able to make a 30 cm seam in less than 10 minutes - Give it a try.

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