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Operating Instructions


Rotate cap on awl left until slot is aligned with point mark, then pull off cap. Insert needle so that when holding awl (thumb is on serrated portion of awl) you are able to see the needle eye. Screw the needle tight (1). Pull thread through slot and then through thread guide hole and needle eye (2).

Operating Instructions Pro-Awl – Illustration A

Operating Instructions Pro-Awl – Illustration A 

Stitching Process

Make the first stitch and leave the awl in position. Grab end of thread and pull through stitch hole to a length twice the seam (3). Ensure thread still runs through needle eye. In the following description the portion of the thread you have pulled through is called lower thread, the other portion is the upper thread.

Hold onto lower thread (4). Withdraw awl to make a second stitch (5)+(6). Withdraw awl as much as required to obtain a thread loop. Feed lower thread through this loop (7). Pull out awl while holding onto lower thread and keeping upper thread pressed between thumb and serrated portion of awl (8). This way you tighten the thread to obtain the first backstitch. This procedure is repeated for every backstitch (9).

After the last stitch we recommend to tie or sew up the upper and lower thread.

Operating Instructions Pro-Awl – Illustration B

Operating Instructions Pro-Awl – Illustration B 


It is advisable to train on soft material (felt, cloth, cardboard). All types of string may be used. The sewing process may be accelerated or facilitated using a shuttle (see picture B). For spares please refer to our catalogue.

Operating Instructions




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Operating Instructions

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