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Hand-Sewing-Tool for professionals and hobbyists
The Pro-Awl

The Pro-Awl - a useful backstitch sewing tool

The Pro-Awl is a practical hand-sewing tool for quick and durable sewing of shoes, saddles, tents, sacks, canvas, felt and many more. You can use all kinds of thread. The stitch is a backstitch like a sewing machine does. The tool is completely made of rustproof metal. Inside the hollow handle, there is the bobbin with extra stable thread, a set of industrial needles and a helpful shuttle. A multilingual operation instruction is included with every awl and explains the right sewing step by step. Like this everybody will be able to make professional seems after a short period of practicing. Further information at

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Pro-Awl – and you no longer need the saddler
The rider becomes the saddler

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