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The rider becomes the saddler
The Pro-Awl

The Pro-Awl - a useful backstitch sewing tool

Every rider knows the problem with an opened seem at the leather tack of his horse – and the Sunday-ride has to be canceled. With the Pro-Awl this problem is no longer existent. Everything that has to be sewed can be quickly and durably sewed, directly where it is needed. After a short period of practicing it is possible to sew a 30 cm seem in less than 10 minutes. The Pro-Awl is easy to store and transport because all important parts fit inside the hollow metal handle. In general every kind of material can be sewed with every kind of thread. It is a practical gift for hunting and riding lovers. Further information at

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Hand-Sewing-Tool for professionals and hobbyists
Heavy seams – self-made

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